Front Diff Housing Ball Joint Rust

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Re: Front Diff Housing Ball Joint Rust

Postby VDJ ED on Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:30 pm

yea mate thats off the toyota manual under "driveline> front diff> reassembly> and scroll till you get to the wheel bearings. thats for a re assembly. I too have for gotten where the wheel bearing section is.

I took my hub flanges off today for a comparison on whether the bearings have been done. One bearing was done about 5000KM's ago (P/S/F) the drivers side is yet to be done.

So making sure the hub is set to free - remove your 6 10MM bolts and gently pull the flange off keeping an eye out for the paper gasket.

note the color of the grease and how its not runny
note the paper gasket...will be a pain when putting the flange back on as the gasket moves around hahaha
looking into the hub, new grease should be visible, sometimes old grease can be seen (right at the back as a poo color) as on mine because i didnt get all the old grease out from every nook and cranny.

this is the other side, i havnt replaced this one yet so i dont know when the bearing was done :?
note the grease color and how its runny.. i was surprised to see grease on this side as the other side was dry when i did the bearing until i got deeper to the actual load carrying bearings.


Hope this helps guys, a very simple procedure taking no more then 5 minutes and could save you an expensive tow back to civilization all because someone didnt think grease was important.
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