Tough Dog suspension

Tough Dog suspension

Postby kcdusk on Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:13 am

My 79 will have a steel tray, ally canopy setup for camping. Empty most of the time, but loaded up with water, food etc when doing anne beadle highway, tanami, simpson etc towing a T Van (1.5t?).

Cross country 4x4 in Adelaide have recommended Tough Dog suspension with 2 inch lift and airbag man helpers. Includes GVM upgrade to 3.6t or so.

I'm guessing its the 45mm bore with 9 adjustable settings. They said the 53mm Ralphs were more for trucks.

1. Does anyone know what brand springs TD use? Since CC4x4 have recommended them i guess Tough Dog are well regarded unless anyone else knows different?

2. Does the 45mm with 9 settings and airbags sound the go?

3. I asked what were the rear leafs rated (300kg? 450kg?) and they said they would know that once i told them more about what i'm using the bus for. I've read all the 79 build ups here and in 4x4 magazines and it sounds like i should go the 450kg as a minimum - does this sound right?

I'm planning for when the 79 is full and on corrugations or deep sand so 450kg sounds right, and with the 9 adjustable settings and airbags (adjustable as well?) that i can make the ride less harsh when i need too. Thats my plan.
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