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1.1 No commercial advertising or advertising of business is permitted. Links or phone numbers are strictly forbidden. There is a Commercial Advertising section on the forum so if anyone feels such a need to promote a specific business then it is best to contact us about advertising space. There must be NO direct conflict to the sponsors that the site has already.

1.1a If you have a problem with a particular company DO NOT post it up on the forum at all. This is easily construed as slander and bears legal issues. There are always two sides to every story and without the other persons view it is not fair to post your issues.

1.1b You may link to other websites in posts, if it is relevant to the topic at hand. Not purely for the purpose of promoting a business or product. If you think you need to tell people about a particular site, do so via PM. Other than that refer to rule 1.1. If in doubt these posts will be directed to the moderating team.


2.1 Avatars must not contain nudity or profanity. Avatars deemed offensive will be removed. If complaints are received regarding Avatars from forum users and deemed inappropriate or offensive they will be removed. If the avatar reappears, you may be banned. This includes women posting pictures of their cleavage. If necessary this should be handled by REPORTING the post with the avatar attached.


3.1 Links to porn sites or the posting of pornographic pictures is not allowed.
If you link to offensive websites, you WILL be banned, without warning.

3.2 Pornographic and offensive avatars are discussed in section 2.1.


4.1 Abusing or threatening other forum members will NOT be tolerated (doing so will result in an instant ban!).

4.2 Abusing the forum through spamming will not be tolerated and also incurs an instant ban without warning.

4.3 This is a Landcruiser related forum. If you come here wishing to cause trouble, the parent business, 4WD Network will spare no expense in tracking you down and do the same, through legal means.

4.4 Anyone found to be deliberately provoking people in other forums to cause trouble in here should immediately have this reported to the moderating team. There is always someone watching you who would be more than happy to tell us.

4.5 No inter-site bantering between the various forums 4WD Network host, eg: My Cruiser is better than your Triton, etc.


5.1 Before posting a new thread (for technical advice etc) please do a search to make sure it hasn’t been discussed before. This will not only save embarrassment but it also saves space.


6.1 When advertising in the Trading Post section, use the template provided. Any for sale posts not in the correct format will be removed from this forum.

6.2 There are to be no auction style for sales on these forums, if you would like to auction an item please use Ebay.

6.3 DO NOT post items for sale in any other section than the For Sale sections.

6.4 DO NOT post the item more than once.

6.5 Businesses MUST NOT post in any section of the forum. They MUST DEFINITELY NOT post items for sale for their business in the For Sale section. This will result in an instant, and permanent, ban.

6.6 Individuals CAN NOT sell more than one of the same item, unless it is discussed with ADMIN or MODS first. This will be deemed as a company conducting business on this forum, which attracts a ban.

6.7 If an individual continually posts numerous, and different, items in the sales section then we will assume that they are either working from home selling parts or obtaining them in a suspect manor. Either way this is unacceptable and will be dealt with.

6.7a Anyone found posting numerous items for sale by friends and the like will have to give complete contact details including a copy of a current drivers license and a land line number. This is to avoid the possibility of people selling stolen items.

6.8 There are no EOI (Expressions Of Interest), you’re either selling it or you aren’t. If you want to auction something then put it on EBAY.

6.9 Purchasing items from this forum is at your own risk. While 99% of people don’t have a problem at all there is always someone who is going to take advantage of this. If you are having trouble with a purchase from another member please contact us straight away and we will try and help but as we have stated - it is at your own risk!

6.9a If there are any legal issues arising from a sale or purchase of an item from this forum then we will hand over every piece of information to the authorities so the matter can be dealt with – no exceptions.

6.9b A word of advise, if you are buying something from someone get every aspect of the purchase in detail and try to do it through a proper email address (ie: not a hotmail or yahoo account). If someone has internet access then they will have a legitimate ISP account. It would also be advisable to obtain their land line numbers and maybe even a copy of their license.

6.10 All For sale Ads will have a price. If there is no price the ad will be deleted.


7.1 4WD Clubs (Landcruiser related) may post details of their trips; however you must abide by sections 1.2 and 1.3.


9.1 You are not permitted to start or add to threads that are created simply to post up pictures of your car. We have a Shed Profile section for that.


10.1 Over the time that the forum has been online we have had a number of people who come in here just to get attention – this will no longer be tolerated.

10.2 Posting “who’s cute”, “who I like best” or “who likes me” type threads are best to be placed on other ‘Pro Interest type’ forums as it will result in you getting a week’s holiday from the forum.


11.1 If there is an issue with someone and they get banned for a minor offence it will probably be for a few days or a week at first. Each consecutive banning will result in an extension of your previous ban time.

11.2 We are going to work on the three strikes rule. If you get banned, for whatever reason or whatever length of time, it will only happen three times. After the third time we will assume you are only here to cause problems and will be removed for good.


12.1 These rules may sound harsh but in fact are very easy to follow – simply act like an adult. If you become a problem them you will no longer be welcome here: it’s that easy.

12.2 If you don’t wish to follow any of these rules than simply email admin and your account will be terminated

13. Mods and Admin

13.1 The moderators are here to make sure things are kept under control, they are not here to be abused. If you have an issue with one of them do not argue in the forum or it will result in a ban. Contact admin with all the info and they find the medium to sort the issues out.

13.2 If you have a problem with Admin then bring it up with Admin through a PM.

To answer the most common questions:
This is an internet forum, Freedom of speech is a fallacy.
Moderation is at the discretion of the Moderators, Administrator and Forum Owner.
If you are moderated and you wish to discuss it, PM the moderators or the admin.

If you have concerns with a post made in the forum, report the post (click on ! at top right of post ) to bring it to the attention of the moderators.

Forum Owner / Admin reserves the right to modify forum rules as and when deemed necessary. Such rules will be binding for all members.

While the administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators or webmaster (except for posts by these people) and hence will not be held liable.
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